Take a look at bosun and set sail for a dream -- students of the school of public health visit bosun company
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In order to introduce Boxun company to the graduating students, the school of public health visited Boxun company on November 12, 2021. At 12:20, the students gathered in the office building of the college on time. The counselors, Mr. Su Guofan and Mr. Leng Hexuan, led the students to take a bus to Boxun company.

After about an hour's drive, the students finally arrived at Boxun company. The person in charge of the company was very hospitable and approachable. First, the person in charge led us into the conference room on the second floor of the administrative building. One of the persons in charge explained the development history and proud achievements of bosun for us, and played a shocking short film, so that the students had a preliminary understanding of the company. Next, the person in charge led us to visit each R & D room, laboratory and production workshop of Boxun company in turn. The employees are busy with their tasks in an orderly and orderly manner. Everywhere we go, staff will give us detailed explanations, so that we have a deeper understanding of the backbone company in the Province. After the visit, the company sent us small gifts and sincerely hoped that the students of Jilin University could come to show their skills after graduation.

This activity gives students a different understanding and feeling of Boxun company, and sees the honor and efforts behind this enterprise. Students also hope to come here to complete their scientific research dream after graduation!

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